Friday, June 15, 2012

Entri Karangan Terpaksa

Di suatu petang yang hening ketika dalam perjalanan ke restoran sup gearbox di dalam kereta bos yang dipandu oleh bos, bos pun cakap:

"Hajar, I want you to write a short article about architecture. No need to be long. Just 200 words should be okay. We're going to publish it in our company newsletter".

Maka, inilah essay saye yang terhasil:

"Life of an Architect
Teacher: What would you like to be when you grow up?
Innocent student: Architect!!
Architect? Really? Would you really wanted to be an architect? Think twice. Or thrice.
Being an architect may sounds glamorous and fascinating. But the reality is not what most of people could imagine. Enrolling in any architecture schools means that you’re destroying your social life. Seriously. Have you ever seen an architect hanging out every night with their friends, partying all night with joyful soul? If you did, you better check their cert.

What you’ve seen on TV’s drama about architects’ life? They are really successful man happily ‘visiting’ the site, with a bunch of plans in his hand, a broad smile on his face while explaining this to the contractor. Those are all craps.

An architect leads a miserable life. Trust me. Dealing with clients is not fun. Arguing with contractors is not fun either. Having to meet the deadline is worst! So, how can an architect smile on site after being whacked by clients, contractors, other consultants and so on? Don’t ever dream on peaceful weekends, holidays and vacations unless you switched off your cell phones and get ready for your funeral the next Monday.
But, on top of all these, being an architect is quite fun if you view it from a different perspective.
Standing in front of a building designed by your own self, is really an indescribable feeling. Glorious-joyful-mesmerizing-excitement if it could be put into words. It’s all about the hardship that has been paid off. Such a discreet feelings that money can’t buy.

Architects are not just anybody. Only tough souls can be an architect. To handle all the stress for daily workload, fussy clients, and evil bosses were really takes the gut. It is not an easy job. It is a born-to-be job. Who would design wonderful buildings that beautify the city so that the society would be happy? Some wonderful souls would need to take that responsible. Who are they? The architect. The humble souls that have the guts to takes up challenges.
So, ready to be one?"

Haha.. adoyai.. Xde idea pliss nak mengarang. Zaman mengarang essay dah lame di tinggalkan. Tapi aku tak submit lagi artikel ni. Konfem kene rejek. Huhu.. Nak kene pikir idea lain le pulokkk.. -___-"


  1. good essay, perlu publish ni. haha

  2. boleh wat msk dlm tesis k.eha ni..haha

  3. haha.. pastu nanti masuk name saye skali.. buat long quotation..